Meet the Band


Photo Credits: Mary Kalamaras

Better From a Distance

is a 'wicked pissah' 6 or 10 piece South Shore based band playing an eclectic mix of Classic Rock, Country and R&B from the 60’s to today.  As rock-n-roll purveyors to the "presbyopic1" Baby Boom Generation, we strive to entertain those who lie awake when they should be asleep and asleep when they should be awake... and to anyone who believes Ibuprofen is a daily dietary supplement (booking info here).

BFaD comes in your choice of two 'venue appropriate' flavors:

Hot & Spicy Bar Style (6 piece rhythm section)

Cool & Funky Event Style (Bar Style plus 4 piece horn section)

... and if you order before midnight tonight we'll throw in a set of steak knives and one of those things that makes a swan out of a radish (a staple of every meal).


“ just need to squint your ears” 


Bar set up (Rhythm Section)

Event set up (featuring The Brass Knuckle Horns)

  • Andy Fantacchio - Trumpet
  • Hanwar Harnett - Sax
  • Kevin Kardel - Trombone, vocals
  • Jimmy Verdone - Trumpet


1Presbyopia is a condition where, with age, the eye exhibits a progressively diminished ability to focus on near objects (e.g., Better From a Distance).  BTW, if you can read this typeface, you're probably not in our demographic, but you're always welcome to come hear us play...